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South Florida Newspapers Go Digital

Once upon a journalistic time— the 1970s­—South Florida newspapers were among the most successful in the country. The Miami Herald, owned by the...

Publisher's Letter: An artist for the ages

Timing is everything. Just as we were enjoying Eric Barton’s piece on art collecting (page 36), it came to our attention the story of a 100-year...

Political Times And The Art Of Hollywood

When major political events, such as the one we are now enjoying, are taking place, most low information people don’t really understand what the...

Publisher's Letter: The Parkland Movement

This month’s coverage of the Parkland “March for our Lives” movement by Eric Barton mentions that it is a rare person in Broward County who was ...

The Legend Of Ken Burnstine

It has been 42 years since the World War II vintage P-51 fighter plane crashed in flames in the Mojave Desert of California. And almost that lon...

Publisher's Letter: In Remembrance Of John Broderick

There are a lot of magazines out there. Estimates of city/regionals range into the thousands in a genre that hardly existed 50 years ago.

Letters To The Editor: Your Reactions To Gun Control

Gulfstream Media Group’s magazines don’t usually run letters to the editor because, frankly, we don’t get many.

Consider The Source When Selecting Prize Winners

Our six Gulfstream Media Group publications will exceed 80,000 copies this fall.

Remebering South Florida Icon H. Wayne Huizenga

Wayne Huizenga: Florida’s ‘Man Of The Century’

Publisher's Letter: The Remarkable H. Wayne Huizenga

Although he hobnobbed with the rich and famous, including the sports heroes of the Dolphins, Marlins and Panthers, he also cared about the littl...