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Publisher's Letter: Of Doctors and Golf Widows

Read May/June's letter by publisher Bernard McCormick.

Relieving Florida Traffic With New Railroads

Our new governor continues to draw praise from the media on his new directions for Florida. The most recent was the appointment of a respected U...

Discussing Florida's Water Crisis

The latest thing in running for office in Florida is to not tell the voters what you stand for. It may be the best way to win an election.

Publisher's Letter: Our latest non-invention

In the past this magazine has shamelessly claimed to have invented the popular “Who’s Who In Charity and the Arts.”

A Run For Higher Office

Read this month's McCormick's Place by publisher Bernard McCormick.

Publisher's Letter: An issue by design

Read this month's publisher's letter by Bernard McCormick.

The Power Of Football Uniforms

We made a New Year’s resolution to not waste this valuable space with anything as banal as critiquing sports uniforms. But that was last year’s ...

Publisher's Letter: The sad side of love

This month’s issue is devoted to romance. This is because Valentine’s Day occurs in February, and like St. Patrick’s Day a month later, commerci...

In Defense Of The Stars And Bars

In that time Washington and Lee High School out of Arlington, Virginia, used to come to Philadelphia for the annual Stotesbury Regatta, a champi...

Publisher's Letter: A new title for a new year

It is common knowledge that print media have been hurting. With a few exceptions, newspapers have been losing circulation and money. We recently...