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by Sandra Benavides Weichel July 2016 Also on Digital Edition

It was all fun and games for Hall of Fame baseball player Mike Schmidt until he was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma at age 63.

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by Sandra Benavides Weichel May 2015 Also on Digital Edition

More than four decades after winning the infamous Super Bowl III in 1969 with the New York Jets, legendary quarterback Joe Namath, now 71, is making headlines with a different team. Today, the sports icon has partnered with Jupiter Medical Center to launch The Joe Namath Neurological Research Center to treat people of all ages who suffer from traumatic brain injuries.

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by Sandra Benavides Weichel February 2014 Also on Digital Edition

Stephanie Kantis is a dichotomy of concepts. The South Florida resident is refined yet relaxed, sophisticated yet free spirited, chic yet wistful. And it’s because of her ability to embrace this inner paradox that today Kantis is the founder, owner and visionary of her own eponymous jewelry and accessory line – a successful line that can be found in both Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. 

And to think, Kantis discovered her 
talent for sculpting jewelry after saying goodbye to a 20-year career as a sought-after interior designer in Texas to move to Guanajuato, Mexico. 

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by Sandra Benavides Weichel April 2014 Also on Digital Edition

South Florida is home to world-class restaurants, and with such great cuisine comes great wine, curated by some of the nation’s best sommeliers. As vast, complex and ever-evolving as the wine industry is, we always find ourselves wanting to know more. So, we consulted local experts to create the ultimate guide to selecting, tasting and pairing the best red, white and bubbly.
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