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3 Simple Yoga Poses That Even Beginners Can Try At Home

Yoga teacher Paige Held guides us through poses suited for yogis of all skill levels.

Starting yoga can seem daunting if you lack coordination or have never had any formal training. The practice is noted for its mental and physical benefits, but if your main focus is not toppling over in a headstand, it’s hard to feel said benefits. Luckily, all you need is a little bit of patience and guidance to start your journey. We spoke to Paige Held, co-owner of The Yoga Joint in Fort Lauderdale and Boca, who shows us simple beginner poses to do at home—no mat required.  

Warrior One 

This one is a classic. Place your feet wide apart from each other in a lunge. Turn your front foot straightforward and place your back foot at a 45-degree angle. Lift your torso and your arms up, make sure that your hips are square and facing the front foot, and don’t let your knee pass your toes.

Benefits: This pose strengthens the spine, lowers the pelvic floor, supports the arch of your upper torso, strengthens your shoulders and alleviates nerve pain. 


The pigeon pose 

The pigeon pose is all about targeting and extending the hips. Start in a right side lunge similar to that in warrior one. Move your right foot to the left and drop your right knee so that the entire outer side of the right leg is on the ground.

Benefits: Held says that we store emotions in our body and that having high hips is a symptom of bottling up negative emotions. This pose is said to relieve them. It also stimulates your organs, improves posture, diminishes lower back pain and stiffness, and stretches your thighs. 


Downward facing dog

The downward dog serves as one of the main yoga practices and is often used to segue between poses. To do this, start in a tabletop position, or with hands and knees on the ground. Curl onto the tips of your toes, lift your hips and straighten your legs as much as possible while working your heels down.

Benefits: Energizes your body, neutralizes your brain and relieves the stress hormone. The breathing in this pose, like in most poses, helps to bring awareness to the prefrontal cortex of the brain. It also improves digestion and is therapeutic for high blood pressure and sinuses.