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Dr. Michael Chizner’s Cardiology Book Helps Students, Nurses And Other Physicians Learn About The Speciality

by Bernard McCormick May/June 2016 Also on Digital Edition

South Florida has many fine physicians, partly because a market with so many affluent patients demands it. But not many of them have names that are nationally recognized. One cardiologist has a reputation that extends far beyond our magazines’ circulation reach, and that’s because of what he has published.

Clinical Cardiology Made Ridiculously Simple, by Dr. Michael A. Chizner of the North Broward Hospital District, is a widely used textbook. It is, as the title suggests, the farthest thing from the kind of dry publications one usually expects in a training environment. As such, it is not limited to those specializing in cardiology. It also appeals to general practitioners who want to improve their knowledge of cardiology. They are often the first step in diagnosing symptoms that require the expertise of a cardiac specialist.

“It’s probably the best read cardiology book in the country,” says Dr. Stephen Goldberg of MedMaster Publishing Co., which published the book. “It’s No. 1 on Amazon. It’s around the world now. It’s been translated into Chinese and other languages. It’s not just for cardiologists. It’s used by medical students and nurses and interns who deal with a lot of cardiology.”

Chizner, founder and director of the Heart Center for Excellence at the hospital district’s flagship, Broward Health Medical Center, likes to keep his practice uncomplicated. The book, which has had four printings since 2004, reflects that. It is a soft cover with a cartoon illustration, and its 343 pages are filled with illustrations, often in cartoon form, made to make easy reading. The book matches Chizner’s personal style. He is the definition of a calming bedside presence. He is a born teacher who instructs at the University of Florida, University of Miami, Nova Southeastern and Barry University. He often has medical students present while examining patients.


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