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How To Manage Chronic Pain With Stem Cell Therapy

For those living with chronic pain, there’s hope. Dr. Ira Fox, co-founder of Anesthesia Pain Care Consultants in Tamarac, offers stem cell therapy for patients suffering from joint, disc, nerve or soft tissue pain. Fox delivers stem cells through injections to help repair damaged or degenerated tissue. The research has been ongoing for decades but stem cell therapy is still in its infancy, he says. 

The process uses a mini liposuction procedure while the patient is under local anesthesia. Fox and his team withdraw fat tissue and process the material to isolate stem cells. The doctor then relocates and injects the cells into the area of pain or inflammation, repressing the inflammation, resulting in decreased pain. 

The therapy enriches the population of healthy stem cells allowing natural healing to occur. Since the technique involves the patient’s own cells, it reduces the risk of the body’s immune system rejecting them. Some patients feel relief quickly—within a day—and for many the relief can last up to a year, he says. Plus, the treatment is minimally invasive, lasting just two hours, and requires a shorter recovery time.

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The treatment improves function and mobility for patients giving them an overall improved quality of life.