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A MOM’s Many Names

Mommy, Mother, Mom and now Friend-Mom and Grandma. These are the different tones of our name as we grow up with our daughters. The times together are so special. What a blessing to be all the above, through the differ- ent stages of our daughters’ lives.

“Mommy” was my name when my kids were infants and in pre-school. Daren, my daughter, was the first girl in our family, so needless to say, she was covered from head to toe in pink! But I could already see what an independent girl she would become. The fact that she was determined to have her way when dressing; it was a twirling dress or nothing! I wanted to encourage our kids to be independent and try something new. What’s the worst that can happen? Either it works out or not, at least they can say they tried! I was “Mother” during her middle school and high school years. But our relation grew to include her many girlfriends. I think this is where I saw the compassion in her heart to love everyone and to include everyone. Our home was the “girlfriends’ gather- ing” home. I can’t count the sleepovers. My husband, Keith, and I have a very comfortable home and we are always entertaining, so our children also have this trait! 

“Mom” was my name when she was in college. She was growing to be a wonderful young lady; she was very bright, but she also had a lot of determination to be the best in college. She was so organized and outgoing to the point where she organized her friends’ trips to Europe. Just like Keith and me, we want to encourage our children to be organized and be leaders so they may be involved in our community. 

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These are the above traits all mothers want to pass on to their daughters. Now Daren, who now helps manage divisions at City Furniture, has her own family, which includes Ryan Cronin, her husband, and Kevin Charles, 4, and Jackson, 3. They spend a lot of time together and the same traits will be passed on to them. 

As mothers there is only so much to do – set examples and encourage the daughters to be the best mothers they can be. Moth- ers are the leading force behind all families: we are the nurse, tear wiper, referee, scheduler, taxi driver, etc. Daren and I are very close, and her family shares a lot of good times together, especially fam- ily vacations, family church, and our tradition, family dinner on Sundays (my favorite time).

Along with husband, Keith, Doreen Koenig owns City Furniture and is a major supporter of local community organizations.