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Motherly love

What are the most important lessons you’ve taught your children? Three mothers describe the best lessons a mother can teach her children.

If you are one of life’s fortunate daughters, your mother is all the beautiful words that could fill up pages of this publica- tion. All that I am, I owe to my mom. She taught me strength in the face of adversity. She gives me unconditional love. She has been my cheerleader since the day I was born. She under- stands what I don’t say.

But I consider myself doubly lucky. My mother-in-law, An- nie, has become a second mom to me. She has welcomed me as the daughter she never had. She has taught me generosity. She has taught me appreciation for helping others without expectations. 

She has taught me charm through grace. And she has made me a better person. 

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Both moms I call “my best friends.” They have taught me the following life lessons I pray I instill in my baby girl, Juliet. 

Be quick to laugh. Travel. Enrich yourself – learning, read- ing and soaking up the world. Make your own opportunities and create your own luck. Be bold. Volunteer. Never lie. Love God. Control what you can control, accept what you cannot. Maintain integrity. Watch your words. And most importantly, be the mom you want your daughter to be.

Morgan Green is an active member of the Junior League of Boca Raton and a board member of the Louis and Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center, which strives to meet the complex needs of persons with memory disorders and their families through a comprehensive array of services, compassionate and innovative programs of care, research and education.