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by Morgan Green May-June 2013 Also on Digital Edition

What are the most important lessons you’ve taught your children? Three mothers describe the best lessons a mother can teach her children.
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by Doreen Koenig May-June 2013 Also on Digital Edition

Mommy, Mother, Mom and now Friend-Mom and Grandma. These are the different tones of our name as we grow up with our daughters. The times together are so special. What a blessing to be all the above, through the differ- ent stages of our daughters’ lives.

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by Micki Purcell May-June 2013 Also on Digital Edition

As a mother of a son in his twenties and a daughter in her thirties, through the years I have continued to learn the value of unconditional love, compassion and, of course, patience. Being a mother has always been incredibly fulfilling and at times a trying role for me.

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by Eric Barton Summer 2013 Also on Digital Edition

If you’ve been to the year-old Marlins Park, it’s impossible to see much evidence of the Marlins’ glorious past. the most esteemed pieces of hardware – two World Series trophies – are in storage. Sure, you can see the home run monu- ment, complete with water cannons and jumping mechanical fish. there’s the Bobblehead Museum in the main concourse, the retractable roof, the fancy cor- al-lined fish tank behind home plate, and the girls dancing atop the swimming pool bar at the clevelander, in deep left field. But the World Series trophies? they aren’t around at all, not vaulted proudly for any to see. instead, they’re awaiting a permanent case to be constructed in the front office reception area. Before the 25-pound trophies reappear, they needed polishing. the Marlins mailed off the 2003 trophy last year to its famed creator, tiffany & co. the ’97 prize, meanwhile, recently returned from the expert polishers at commemorative Brands in austin, texas.

The trophies are a combination of tarnish-ready metals. Dirt collects in crevices in the stitching of the silver baseball that sits in the center, and the 30 gold-plated flags that line the top fall victim to the fingerprints of those lucky enough to hold it. the trophies aren’t unlike the current state of the Miami Marlins ball club. a tarnished image that could use expert polishing is an understatement. if this team were a trophy, it has been dragged for nine innings behind mascot Billy the Marlin. But if you look hard, if you ignore all the negativity directed at team ownership, you can spot the parts that have already been shined. Yes, there are places where this team downright glimmers.

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by Nila Do May-June 2013 Also on Digital Edition

What is it like to lose a body part? How devastating is it to miss a physical part of you? After one woman coped with the concept of losing her breast after surviving cancer, one plastic surgeon rallied to give back a part of her that could have been lost forever.


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by Sandra Benavides May-June 2013 Also on Digital Edition

Have you ever wondered the likelihood of your children inheriting familial disorders? Or, the chances you may be affected with a malady passed on through your genes? With advances in genetic testing, you can find out.
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by Nila Do October 2013 Also on Digital Edition

There she is. Miss Florida, Brittany Oldehoff. And she wants to do something no other Miss Florida has done before: outright win the Miss USA crown.

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by BERNARD McCORMICK October 2013 Also on Digital Edition

Yacht brokers can work anywhere the money is, but for most of the good ones, South Florida is home.

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by Gloria Stuart October 2013 Also on Digital Edition

Exotic encounters with orangutans await in this island adventure.

“You’re going where?” they ask in unison.

“Borneo,” I say.

Amusing responses from dear friends erupt. “Can’t you ever go anywhere normal?” And my favorite line: “I love redheads!” referring endearingly to the reddish-auburn fur of the indigenous orangutans.

Bodacious Borneo

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by Nila Do, Madison Lampert by Jennifer Tormo October 2013 Also on Digital Edition

Our Beach Guide is packed with the best of the best. From food and drinks to kid-friendly spots and parks with beach access, we’ve got you covered.
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