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BeGlammed Beauty App Launches Service In Fort Lauderdale, So A Personal Primping Squad Is Just A Few Taps Away

Why go to the salon, when the salon can come to you? 

South Floridians looking to gussy up for an event, special occasion, or heck, just a Wednesday, can now enlist the help of a personal beauty squad through the beGlammed app. 

Often included in “Uber for beauty” roundups, the app launched service in Fort Lauderdale, Boca and Palm Beach on Tuesday. A few taps on your mobile device will send professional stylists to your home or office space for blowouts, updos and makeup. 

Hair appointments range from $40 to $175, depending on the style and your stylist's skill level, while hair and makeup packages range from $95 to $415. 

beGlammed offers services in 12 cities, including New York, Austin, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but with four of those cities right here in South Florida, the Sunshine State now makes up most of the app’s coverage area.

“[T]he women here are the ultimate beGlammed girls: beautiful, fun and glamorous,” founder Maile Pacheco said.  

Although Pacheco started service in Miami two months ago, she said she was excited to expand beGlammed beyond the city where competitors often focus—and the clients come and go.  

“Fort Lauderdale, Boca and Palm Beach are far less transient, so we are looking to connect and maintain long lasting relationships with local clients,” she said. 

She knows the clients will differ in their needs—not as many people attending special events as on South Beach, for example—but it’s part of what was appealing about the market.

“[There] is more of an established local clientele and a mature established demographic [of] women that have been doing their own hair and makeup and are looking for styling and makeup as a convenience and necessity rather than for special occasions,” she said.

So far, Fort Lauderdale clients have mostly booked appointments for weddings, celebrations and girls’ nights out, Pacheco said. Appointments in Palm Beach, on the other hand, have mainly been for luncheons and daily routines.

Looking to be part of the team? beGlammed is conducting bi-weekly interviews in both Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Hair stylists will need to perform a blowout and formal bridal updo, while makeup artists will be asked to create a natural look and a more glamorous evening look.

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