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Staci Genet, Genet Law Office

When she began practicing law 25 years ago, Staci Genet of the Genet Law Office was handling complex business and real estate litigation. In most litigation, only the attorneys reap the benefit of the long, expensive and stressful litigation process. As much as Genet loved (and still loves) to litigate, she liked and cared about her clients more and wanted to help free their lives and bank accounts from litigation stress. In short, Genet was intent to keep her clients out of court completely. That’s when she started offering concierge counsel services. For a small monthly retainer, clients can save years and hundreds of thousands of dollars between time, filings and court fees.

As concierge counsel, Genet learns her clients’ business, reviews their documents and grants them 24/7 access for questions large or small. Her clients possess negotiating power that comes with knowledge not weakened by uncertainty. This way, clients not only increase their revenues but also keep their money, rather than spending it on costly litigation which could have been avoided with a quick phone call or office visit. Because Genet recognizes that every business is unique, her service is customizable to fit the needs of every client.

Make no mistake, though: if you need litigation, Genet doesn’t mess around. While you may enjoy sitting across the table sharing a meal with her, in court, you would want the seat next to her.