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The Faces of Fort Lauderdale


Mayor Dean Trantalis | Trantalis & Associates

While Fort Lauderdale residents are busy managing their day-to-day lives, driving to work on its roads, deciding which beach to visit or where to ride their bikes, it’s easy to forget that there’s someone behind the scenes keeping it all together. That someone is Dean Trantalis, Mayor of Fort Lauderdale.

When Trantalis threw his hat in the ring for the 2018 mayoral race, he did so to help not only improve the city, but to improve the inner workings of the commission itself. What Trantalis saw was a city where the residents felt their vision was being ignored, and the city taken in a wrong direction. His goal was, and is, to improve the quality of life that was being threatened, and to steer the city back in the proper direction. Between infrastructure, development on the beach and the homeless problem, he keeps himself busy.

And, you’ll also find him behind the scenes, pushing legislation to better our environment; his most recent success being the elimination of plastic straws in Fort Lauderdale. When asked what he wanted his legacy to be, Trantalis simply says, “If I can come to work and be Mayor, and if there is a pattern of good as a result, that will be enough.”