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The Faces of Fort Lauderdale


Arminda “Mindy” Figueroa, Latin2Latin Marketing

Being one county away from Miami-Dade, it seems odd that a Latin-based marketing company would choose Fort Lauderdale as its home base. However, that is exactly what Mindy Figueroa, owner of Latin2Latin Marketing, decided to do. A Puerto Rican native, Figueroa lived and worked in New York for 18 years but pulled up her roots and moved to Fort Lauderdale 12 years ago.

With three decades of marketing experience, Figueroa works with corporate clients to build their brands for the Latino consumer using their proprietary Latin Ready Assessment®, a strategic growth accelerator tool. As all clients have different concerns and goals, she works with each individually, gleaning what they’re looking to accomplish or change. Armed with research, data and hard facts, she seizes the moment, devising sound strategies and delivering world class execution while watching out for the ROI.

While her projects are spread nationally, Mindy chose Fort Lauderdale as her home-base for several reasons. In her words, “There’s a New York sophistication but with a casual elegance. It’s chic and vibrant but not stuffy.” With diversity at the center of everything she does, our distinctly divergent community speaks to and supports her profession and passion. And with just a seven-minute drive to the airport, she can be off to a concrete jungle and back to her beach paradise in no time.