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Michael Goodman | Goodman Public Relations

Michael Goodman, the Founder of Goodman Public Relations, is on an exciting journey as an award-winning PR pro. What began as a part-time job while in college has led to him being the owner of one of the most sought-after P.R. firms in Fort Lauderdale.

Offering full-service on all things public relations, Michael is able to provide support for a variety of industries. With a range of services from traditional PR, community engagement and event planning to social media management, crisis communications and digital marketing, he offers an integrated approach to create magic. His ability to customize programs, collaborate with multiple partners and deliver results is his menu for success.

Setting Goodman apart from his competition is his client relationships. Immersing himself with their team, he acts as more of an insider than a vendor, being able to impart ideas with a familial frankness they appreciate, and–more importantly–trust. He accomplishes this all while inspiring change within the company culture and mindset.

His unique style of business transcends to years of community service which has been recognized with prominent awards. Merging his expert PR skills with his personal mantra for giving back is the foundation of his well-deserved respect from all those who cross his path.