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Tony Beall | Mister Nonprofit Consultancy, Inc.

After spending nearly 13 years working in the corporate world at American Express, in 1999 Tony Beall decided that he wanted to transfer his “for-profit” skills into the nonprofit sector. Many years later, Beall is going strong with his passion. Now, he celebrates his 20th anniversary this year doing just that for the benefit of the expansive and diverse Fort Lauderdale nonprofit community.

Well into his philanthropic journey, Tony launched Mister Nonprofit Consultancy in 2010 to even further his impact. Armed with knowledge, background and resources, Beall has been able to take his experience to help other nonprofit organizations flourish and maintain their relevance and promises to the communities they serve. By guiding them in maximizing their talent, setting priorities and cultivating partnerships, they are able to achieve their goals and deliver on their missions.

It’s Tony’s uncompromising passion for what he does that makes him so successful. His enthusiasm, optimism and appreciation of others is contagious, helping organizations see the possibility of what can be achieved and not just the obstacles they may face.

Serving humanity with passion and appreciation is what Beall would like his legacy to be. And with his continued commitment to nonprofits and their success, that legacy will expand globally.