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The Faces of Fort Lauderdale


Diego, Julian and Oscar Ruiz | The Closets Company

An immigrant family from Colombia, the Ruiz family moved to Florida in 2000 fleeing from social conflict and financial strife. Seeing South Florida as an inclusive, multi-cultural location with an international pulse, they decided they would plant their roots in Fort Lauderdale. It was 2002 when Oscar, Diego and Julian Ruiz opened The Closets Company. Now, in 2019, their showroom is a testament to the beauty of the work and the success of their business.

With the Ruiz family handling advertising, marketing, sales and production, The Closets Company has five designers who work individually with customers on the layout of their projects. With eyes for composition, the designers are able to envision a beautiful and functional end product with storage to fit each individual’s needs. And the ability to mix and match different materials like stone, woods and laminates with accessories and hardware makes it easy to create innumerable looks and feels, matching the diverse tastes of homeowners.

But in case you think The Closets Company only designs closets, you can think again. The designers and team are also able to transform garages, laundry rooms, closet doors, entertainment areas and home offices. That way, once you’re happy with your first closet, you’ll know who to trust for other projects down the line.