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The Faces of Fort Lauderdale


Robert Lochrie III, Esq. & Nectaria Chakas, Esq. | Lochrie & Chakas, P.A.

All you have to do is look at our skyline to see it: views dotted with cranes and buildings flanked with scaffolding while new high-rises, hotels and offices sit in varying states of construction. As an ever-expanding home, business and tourist destination, Fort Lauderdale is moving on up, both literally and figuratively. But what we don’t see is what happens behind the scenes.

Before the first bulldozer clears the land, site plans, development agreements, zoning, environmental permitting and countless other legal considerations need to be handled. And once construction is underway, the need for other legal services continue. Without a good Land Use attorney, the process would be overwhelming. With Robert Lochrie III, Esq. and Nectaria Chakas, Esq., builders can worry about building and leave the legal heavy lifting to them.

With nearly 25 years experience each in land use law, the two began working together in 2004 while working for a different law firm, and in 2008 they started their own firm focusing exclusively on land use and zoning law. They navigate the legal issues, as well as community and political considerations and sensitivities that often arise in their field. Many find the development approval process to be intimidating, but somehow they make it look easy and seamless.

As residents of Fort Lauderdale, they love watching the fruits of their labors from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting. Fortunately for developers, they don’t just focus on Fort Lauderdale, but throughout Broward County.