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The Bold Leaders of the Community Foundation of Broward

Bold leadership to create solutions to Broward’s biggest challenges. Bold philanthropists who make a difference today and forever.

The Community Foundation of Broward, founded in 1984, offers the unmatched local knowledge and philanthropic expertise needed to tackle issues that matter most to Broward.

The Foundation helps individuals, families and businesses create personalized charitable Funds that bring bold impact to issues that affect us all. Philanthropy generated by those 453 charitable Funds gets struggling families back on their feet, fosters breakthroughs in cancer treatment, creates a vibrant arts scene, puts at-risk students on the path to graduation, ensures dignity in aging and much, much more.

Because of the power of endowment, those who give through the Foundation build a permanent philanthropic resource for Broward to help where and when needed, no matter changingpolitical or economic trends.

Guiding the Foundation is a dynamic, 22-member board of local executives and community leaders that includes Chairman Steven W. Hudson, Vice Chairman James Donnelly and Board members Paige Hyatt and Edward Hashek. Together with Foundation President and CEO Linda Carter, they lead an organization that’s not afraid to take on the big issues sometimes considered too tough to tackle.

With fast-growing Broward at a quality-of-life crossroads, the Foundation recognizes that the next generation will be defined by the long-term investments made today. The Foundation provides a bold way forward, with philanthropy that fuels innovation, builds community pride and shapes a better future for us all. The time is now to be bold for Broward.