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by Jennifer Tormo Summer 2013 Also on Digital Edition

What i do in my job is creating something from nothing. ... One Thousand Ocean is going to be Synonymous with Boca Raton for years to come.

if only Jamie Telchin’s grandmother could see him now. The 41-year-old president of develop- ment of LXR Luxury Resorts & Hotels remembers visiting his grandmother in Century Village as a child and listening to her gush about Boca’s greatness. Fast forward 30 years. Telchin now stands in one of the penthouses of One Thousand Ocean, the oceanfront luxury condo building he was instrumental in developing. When he describes One Thousand Ocean, he uses adjectives like “Super Bowl building” and “poster child building of Boca.” But Mayor Susan Whelchel may have put it best when she told Telchin he had developed “the iconic building of Boca.” That build- ing has been on HGTV and in scenes from the Jennifer Lopez movie “Parker.” It’s brought more than 50 multi-millionaires to Boca, many of them from New York or out of state. Part of Telchin’s success formula: knowing whom to hire. Like Venus Williams, who designed a model condo at the building, or Maxine Adler, the PR representative who was instrumental in getting the building on not one but two episodes of “Selling New York.” “It’s very fulfilling to say hey, that building is going to be there for decades,” Telchin says. Someday, he’ll probably gush to his grandchildren about it.  – Jennifer Tormo