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The industry isn't just about looking good. You have to do your home-work, be prepared and put out good work. You have to prove yourself.

You know you’ve hit it big when you are selected to interview and sing “Happy Birthday” to LeBron James on camera. That’s what happened to Kavita Channe four years ago when she interviewed the NBA megastar on his 24th birthday, spurring a whirlwind sports talk and broadcast career for Channe. Now the Lighthouse Point resident has taken things a step further, creating and producing a popular online sports show called 1stDownNDirty, where she interviews professional athletes about their lives both on and off the court. On top of that, the thirtysomething-year-old has worked as a reporter for “The Prep Zone Florida Sports Report” on Sun Sports and was a team correspondent for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. For the self- anointed “Barbara Walters of Sports,” conversing about sports came easy to her. “I relate to people who are competitive and like challenges,” she says, “and I find athletes have that mentality.” Also on the horizon for the London native is revamping 1stDownNDirty for a network distribution. And if she were ever able to re-interview LeBron James, she already has a few questions at the ready. “I’d love to ask him what’s the first thing he does in the morning. … And, what he likes and doesn’t like about Dwyane Wade.” Barbara Walters, watch out. – Nila Do