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History of The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League (NFL), during which the National Football Conference (NFC) winner plays against the winner of the American Football Conference (AFC).

This historic sporting event is the culmination of many months of games played during the regular season, which begins in late summer of the previous calendar year.

The NFL officially formed in 1920; however, the first Super Bowl didn’t occur for another 40-plus years. In 1960, another group of men wanted to own a football franchise apart from the NFL but were denied in 1960, so they created an alternative league known today as the American Football League (AFL). It wasn’t until 1986 that the owners negotiated an agreement to merge the leagues in 1970 after years of rivalry.

The first Super Bowl took place in 1966 under the name “AFL-NFL World Championship Game” played by the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The name changed in 1967 when the league began to use the term “Super Bowl,” which ultimately caught on. Each annual Super Bowl is identified by Roman numbers.

This year’s Super Bowl LIV—or 54—will take place Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. The highly anticipated event garners a massive following every year; it is broadcasted to more than 170 countries nationwide and features a half-time show that has included past performers including Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Beyoncé, Coldplay and Lady Gaga.

The winning team receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The award is named after the coach of the Green Bay Packers, the winners of the first two Super Bowl games. The team additionally won three of the preceding NFL championships in 1961,1962 and 1965. The first award given as the Vince Lombardi Trophy went to the Baltimore Colts following their win in 1971’s Super Bowl V, played in Miami.

Venue: Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium is a stadium located in Miami Gardens, Florida. Not only is it the official home to the Miami Dolphins, but it also hosts the Miami Hurricanes during the team’s regular football season and the Orange Bowl. The multipurpose stadium is home to many global events as well, from the Miami Open to soccer games to concerts. Hard Rock Stadium will also be host to the highly anticipated Super Bowl LIV in 2020.

Hard Rock Stadium has been renamed several times since it first opened in 1987 as “Joe Robbie Stadium.” Former names include "Pro Player Park,” "Pro Player Stadium,” "Dolphins Stadium,” "Dolphin Stadium,” "Land Shark Stadium,” "Sun Life Stadium” and “New Miami Stadium.” In August 2016, the Miami Dolphins announced that Hard Rock Cafe International bought the stadium’s naming rights. Since then, Hard Rock Stadium’s name has remained the same.

Local Team: Miami Dolphins

Anyone who lives in South Florida knows the official football team for the region is the Miami Dolphins, also known as Florida’s oldest professional sports team. The Dolphins compete in the National Football League (NFL) and are a part of the league's American Football Conference (AFC) Eastern division, with home games taking place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

The team made its Super Bowl debut in Super Bowl VI in 1972, but lost 24-3 to the Dallas Cowboys. In 1973, the Dolphins had the NFL's only perfect season by winning 14 of their regular season games, the three playoff games and ending on a strong note by dominating Super Bowl VII. The Dolphins were the third NFL team to accomplish a perfect regular season. The next year, the Dolphins went back for victory and won Super Bowl VIII. For the first time, the Dolphins were the only team to play three back-to-back Super Bowls, as well as being the second team to win consecutive championships.