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This 'Little League' For Gamers Is Putting 'Minecraft' On The Big Screen For The Ultimate Group Competition

Hundreds of "Minecraft" fans will gather to play the hit video game in local movie theaters this week, but the mini-sessions are only a preview of what’s to come this fall.  

Super League, an in-theater video game league from California, is in the middle of a nationwide tour promoting its continuous six-week gaming sessions designed to engage players of all ages. 

The idea is for players to participate in once-a-week, 100-minute games in theaters across the nation. The first session is set to kick off Sept. 14.

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Think of it like little league—but instead of kids playing baseball once a week, they’re meeting up to build virtual structures that will protect them against monsters. 

As Super League president Brett Morris put it, both are competitive after-school activities where kids can hang out with friends who have similar interests.  

Morris, who has two young daughters obsessed with "Minecraft," said the goal is to give kids who are interested in these types of games a sense of belonging to a larger community. With their $120 membership, players receive a jersey, just as if they were part of a sports team.  

Connected via a wireless local area network (LAN), gamers settle into the movie theater chairs with their laptops. They play along and complete challenges in four- or six-person teams and keep track of how the competition’s doing via a leaderboard on the big screen.

In its simplest form a big LAN party—an event in which gamers may huddle in a den or hotel to participate in multi-player games—Super League takes the experience to another level. 

“We’ve taken it and ramped it up with plush seats and popcorn and concessions and a huge screen,” Morris explained.

So far, the affairs are drumming up interest. 

The "Minecraft" event at the upscale iPic Theater in Boca Raton sold out a little more than a week before Monday’s game play, and just days before this week’s events at AMC Sunrise 8 and Cinemark Paradise 24 in Davie, there were only about a dozen spots left at each theater.  

Company representatives said these sessions could help mom and dad tap into into a world they don’t understand. 

“Parents just see their kids hunched over the computer screen; they don’t really get what’s going on,” rep Jasmine Bina said. 

For now, "Minecraft" is the only game available, but Morris said he's looking to offer others in the future. 

Super League game play will take place at the following South Florida theaters this fall:

Fort Lauderdale area:

AMC Sunrise 8 - Sept. 15
4321 NW 88th Ave., Sunrise 

Cinemark Paradise 24  - Sept. 16
15601 Sheridan St., Davie
Miami area: 

AMC Sunset Place 24 - Sept. 15
5701 Sunset Drive #300, South Miami

AMC Aventura 24 - Sept. 15
19501 Biscayne Blvd. #3001, Aventura


iPic Boca Raton - Sept. 15
301 Plaza Real, Boca Raton