Publisher's Letter

Publisher's Letter: Of Doctors and Golf Widows

Read May/June's letter by publisher Bernard McCormick.

Publisher's Letter: Our latest non-invention

In the past this magazine has shamelessly claimed to have invented the popular “Who’s Who In Charity and the Arts.”

Publisher's Letter: An issue by design

Read this month's publisher's letter by Bernard McCormick.

Publisher's Letter: The sad side of love

This month’s issue is devoted to romance. This is because Valentine’s Day occurs in February, and like St. Patrick’s Day a month later, commerci...

Publisher's Letter: A new title for a new year

It is common knowledge that print media have been hurting. With a few exceptions, newspapers have been losing circulation and money. We recently...

Publisher's Letter: An artist for the ages

Timing is everything. Just as we were enjoying Eric Barton’s piece on art collecting (page 36), it came to our attention the story of a 100-year...

Publisher's Letter: The Parkland Movement

This month’s coverage of the Parkland “March for our Lives” movement by Eric Barton mentions that it is a rare person in Broward County who was ...

Publisher's Letter: In Remembrance Of John Broderick

There are a lot of magazines out there. Estimates of city/regionals range into the thousands in a genre that hardly existed 50 years ago.

Consider The Source When Selecting Prize Winners

Our six Gulfstream Media Group publications will exceed 80,000 copies this fall.

Publisher's Letter: The Remarkable H. Wayne Huizenga

Although he hobnobbed with the rich and famous, including the sports heroes of the Dolphins, Marlins and Panthers, he also cared about the littl...