by Alyssa Morlacci January 2018 Also on Digital Edition

From the patio at Terra Mare in the newly opened Conrad Fort Lauderdale, diners have a view of where land meets the sea.

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by Melissa Puppo December 2017 Also on Digital Edition

If you fancy drinking a glass (or more) of fine wine that’s been poured into the best stemware available, you’re in luck.

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by Melissa Puppo November 2017 Also on Digital Edition

A plate of razor-thin sliced yellowtail hamachi comes out of the kitchen arranged on a plate in a symmetrical pattern. In the center lies a small bunch of mizuna, pickled vegetables and yuzu truffle dressing, the perfect accompaniments to the sashimi. What soon follows are more tantalizing bites. Paired with a beautiful oceanfront setting behind, pick up a pair of chopsticks, and dig in.

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