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Favorite Things

Summer 2013 Also on Digital Edition

George Hamilton, the 73-year-old actor, Palm Beach fixture 
and health advocate, gives us his list of favorites

“Any beach and any place in the sunshine. That’s where I always want to be.”

“When I exercise, I enjoy walking and using TRX straps that I put on the doors. I also use bands to help with balance.” 

“I still laugh at ‘The Hangover’ [the original one]. It just makes me laugh and makes me smile. I just think of that, and it’s pure entertainment and fun.”

“I always carry with me Tod’s driving shoes.”

“My favorite thing is a smoothie I make every day that has organic fruits and vegetables, almond milk and butter, and whey. I love it. It’s my everyday drink.”

“Studs for dinner clothes should be small and about the workmanship.”

“My favorite drink no matter what time of year, and I think everyone should drink it, is bottled water with lemon.”

“Never use an SPF beyond 4. I use sunblock that contains vitamin C and aloe, no carcinogenic ingredient or stabilizer.”

“I started taking minerals in liquid form. Youth Infusion offers the ability to mix its powder in liquid, making it easier to swallow.”

“I thought doing ‘Dancing with the Stars’ was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I had cordyceps remedies with me, and I had so much energy, like I was the youngest person there.

Favorite Things Favorite Things
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