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Health Gadget Review: Larklife

by Jennifer TormoVisit Website Summer 2013 Also on Digital Edition

We tested out this health armband, which syncs with your iPhone to monitor your diet, exercise and sleep habits.

The day band monitored our every move, from telling us when we’d been sitting at our desks too long to sensing when we started a cardio workout at the gym. Its diet tracking function is simple – instead of counting calories and monitoring weight goals, it can be used to record snack and meal times and whether users ate protein, veggies, fruits, etc. 

The night band had our favorite function. It’s equipped with a sleep tracker, which monitored the duration and quality of our sleep (we were surprised to find out how many times larklife said we woke up in the middle of the night, even when we thought we slept the whole night through). 

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$150; Available at Apple retail stores

Health Gadget Review: LarklifeHealth Gadget Review: Larklife
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