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Travel Back To Youthful Skin Aboard The MSC Seaside

by Alyssa Morlacci Summer 2018 Also on Digital Edition

Good news: wine is connected to the appearance of firm, youthful skin. But, not in the way you would think—or hope.

While we fully support a pour of pinot, sipping a glass at dinner isn’t going to do much in the way of grabbing a glowing complexion.

It’s instead through vinotherapy, offered aboard MSC Cruises, that spa-goers will find results in wine. The secret lies in the grapes used to create the Lajatica Bocelli skincare line. And through the company’s new partnership with MSC, cruisers can schedule facial and body treatments that embrace the products through offerings like the Cabernet Sauvignon Firming Facial and the Sangiovese Velvet Body Treatment.

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Home remedies that were passed down throughout generations of the Bocelli family inspired the inception of the Lajatica products. Science has since proven that the solid remains of grapes once they’ve been pressed can be used to stimulate the renewal of cells and collagen, resulting in boosted circulation, brightened skin tones and reduced signs of aging.

But Roberto Ladisi, supervisor and corporate trainer for the MSC Aurea Spa, is hesitant to use the word “anti-aging” to describe the treatments. He instead chooses “pro-aging.”

“Pro-aging is about a positive orientation of our mind,” he says. “Age is something absolutely not to fight or destroy; it’s part of us, it is natural and we have to learn to accept it and as well as embrace it.”

Vinotherapy treatments can be booked onboard the MSC Seaside, which regularly cruises out of PortMiami.

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Travel Back To Youthful Skin Aboard The MSC SeasideTravel Back To Youthful Skin Aboard The MSC Seaside

The secret ingredient to aging with grace? Wine.

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