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Here’s How To Pair Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies With Beer

It’s one of the sweetest times of the year: Girl Scout cookies season. Grab a box from your next-door neighbor’s daughter or visit stands outside local businesses to buy a few of your favorite flavors—and don’t forget to purchase a pack of your favorite brew, too. Thanks to our friends over at Fort Lauderdale’s The Brass Tap, an upscale craft beer and wine bar, we have the insight on beers that pair well with every type of Girl Scout cookies.

Thin Mints

The Girl Scouts' most popular cookie pairs best with an American porter, the favorite beer of many Founding Fathers. The roasted and chocolatey accents of the brew compliments the mint flavor of the cookie perfectly.

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Featuring the tropical notes of coconut, the Samoa cookie pairs well with fruity and yeasty esters provided by a hefeweizen brew.


Pour up a silky smooth oatmeal stout with developed notes that accent the rich oatmeal and peanut butter found in Do-si-dos.


Marry nutty brown ales and Tagalongs together to savor every note of vanilla and peanut butter found within the cookie. 


A Berliner Weisse, known for citric flavors, lactic acidity and dry finishes won’t overpower the Lemonades’ citrus combination of lemon and shortbread.


Trefoils are a sweet shortbread cookie. Keep your palate light by washing the cookie down with an American wheat ale.


Get cozy with a Thanks-A-Lot, the soft cookie filled with rich chocolate. It pairs best with an imperial stout, which will provide you with a warming ABV (alcohol by volume).

Cranberry Citrus Crisps

What goes better with fruit than, well…other fruit? The crisp brew of a hard apple cider will help the cookie’s cranberry flavor pop in your mouth.


Keep it smokey with graham, chocolate and marshmallow flavors paired with a smoked porter or a rauchbier. Close your eyes, take a bite and pretend you're by a campfire. 

Savannah Smiles

Round out the citrusy Savannah Smiles cookie with the milky smoothness and subtle sweet notes of a cream ale.


Toffe-Tastics are rich butter cookies with little golden bits of toffee. Echo that deliciousness with a malty base, found in a well-crafted amber ale. 

Photo courtesy of The Brass Tap

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