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10 Signs It's Officially Summer In South Florida

With the summer months comes a slew of problems only South Floridians can understand.

During the "winter," we begged for warmer days. We were sick of the hot chocolate, and we wanted things to go back to normal. Now with 90-degree temperatures upon us, we're longing for both sweater weather and an extra air conditioning unit.

Here are 10 signs that summer has officially arrived. 

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1. You mentally debate whether you can wear a swimsuit to your next destination.


2. You become certain flip flops go with everything and anything.


3. You burn your thighs on your car seats and scald your hands on the wheel.


4. Scoring a spot in the shade is like getting VIP parking.


5. What starts off as the most perfect beach day becomes a small hurricane within minutes. 


6. The amount of sweating you do walking from the office to the car is equivalent to that of a gym session.


7. Wearing pants might as well be a death sentence.


8. Bug spray is your newest fragrance. 


9. You’re always planning your next hurricane party.


10. Sometimes, you even wonder why you live here in the first place.


On the bright side, you can unwind poolside with a pina colada until it's all over.


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