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13 Things People From Fort Lauderdale Say

“The rain will go away.”

Florida’s infamous bipolar weather can have tourists scratching their heads. Dark clouds can be seen hanging in the west with clear, blue skies in the east. Almost each day brings rainfall that will disappear within five minutes, so don’t let that damper your beach day.

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“I saw Dennis Rodman last night.”

Most locals would bump into him at Scarlett’s Cabaret or the late Exit 66. Chances of partying with the celebrity aren't impossible.

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“It’s so cold out.”

We will dig deep into our closets for those hidden scarves and sweaters. We will get hot coffee instead of iced. And we will plan bonfires. Too much? We’ll also rock that jacket while wearing flip-flops.

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“The snowbirds are coming.”

When winter comes, so do the northerners. 'Tis the season for busy hotels and the worst drivers on the roadways.

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“I’m a mermaid.”

Every girl has at least captioned this once in a beach selfie. 

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"Going to Miami is a mission.”

To do anything in Miami requires a boatload of patience and money, including but not limited to: getting there, finding parking and looking past those over-priced fees on food, drinks and covers.

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“I don’t know how to parallel park.”

No matter how many streets have parallel parking, we favor pull-in parking at all costs.

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“I’ll start to worry when it's a real hurricane."

Tropical storm? No big deal. Category one or two? Maybe I’ll buy some water and batteries. Anything higher might require more effort.

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“I saw an alligator in my backyard today.”

Usual occurrence. If it’s not in your backyard, they can be found near the canal, on the side of the street or in your neighbor’s swimming pool.

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“You don’t have a Publix?”

The only grocery store that is known to exist amongst Floridians. Any other grocery store is just out of our comfort zone.

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“I’m from Miami."

Because it sounds cool, and explaining to people where Fort Lauderdale is in Florida is just pointless. They’re close enough, and the weather is always the same, right? 

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“What do you mean the club closes at 2 a.m.?”

By 2 a.m., I’m just starting to feel a buzz. Our extended party hours to 4 a.m. are a privilege that means we can arrive late and still have a great time, but we will probably end up at The Floridian in the wee hours of the morning.

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“I live where you vacation.”

And that’s the truth. With endless summer days, great restaurants and the ocean, Fort Lauderdale is the perfect place for an affordable getaway.

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