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13 Ways to Maneuver Around Sawgrass Mills Mall

With constant construction and expansion, Sawgrass Mills Mall continues to grow as one of largest shopping destinations in the U.S. Yet, visiting the mall can be crazy busy, especially on the weekends. So with that said, we offer this Sawgrasss Mills survival guide.

1. Know what you need and where you are going unless you have the entire day to shop.

It has been said that enjoying every part of this mall can take a day – or more – to complete. So if you are pressed for time, know what you are looking for and know the best stores or where to find it.

2. If you’re going for one thing, park closest to the store. Do not plan to walk through the entire mall.

Similar to the advice above…if you are not here for leisure, park by the store you need the most. If you don’t, you’ll grow tired by the time you get there.

3. Stay on the right side of traffic flow.

Nothing is more annoying than swaying left and right to the people walking right in your direction.

4. Learn how to stop short or move around lost shoppers.

More often than not, someone will stop short to look at their map, talk to a family member or to look in a store window.

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5. Avoid parking isles where other drivers are looking for parking.

Patience is key. If you see several cars searching for a parking spot in the same aisle, move onto the next. Observing and listening to your surroundings is the best way to find a spot quickly.

6. Learn how to nod and say, “No, thank you,” to the kiosk workers.

They will come up to you, no matter how much you look like you are in a hurry. Half the time it won’t be in English, but don’t be rude and ignore them. They are humans too.

7. Have a friend find a seat in the food court, while you get the food.

Think of your first day of school where you didn't know where to sit for lunch. Nothing is worse than having a tray of food in your hands and nowhere to sit.

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8. Pay attention to what’s in front of you to not trip over tourists' suitcases.

Two hands aren’t enough to carry all shopping bags so travelers have taken a liking to bringing suitcases to fill up on merchandise. And let me tell you, there are everywhere.

9. Do not take Target shopping carts in the mall. It won’t let you.

This explains all the Target shopping carts left by one entrance of the mall. The carts stop working once you reach a certain point to avoid shoppers from leaving them in the mall and not paying for the mall carts.

10. Do rent the mall shopping carts and return them to get a deposit back.

Mall shopping carts are convenient because it can hold your bags and provide you a seat. Sometimes you will see people (who aren’t mall employees) collecting abandoned carts to return to the meters for the cash back deposit.

11. Take a seat in a massage chair for the ultimate people-watching experience.

Everyone loves to people watch, especially where there is a plethora of diverse people. So sit back and enjoy the show.

12. Don’t text and walk. Just don’t even try.

There are so many things you can run into if you aren’t looking up: a person, a suitcase, a spilled drink, even a glass window (hey, it happened to me).

13. Wear comfortable shoes!

This isn’t a fashion show, ladies. A lot of walking is involved and that includes walking on carpet, tile, wood floors and cobblestones. You’ll thank your flats or sneakers later.