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16 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

With Halloween quickly approaching there’s no time to shop online and wait for shipping. So here are some homemade costume ideas; some you can make out of items lying around your house!

The crayon

Pick a color, any color. Dress head to toe in it and post a Crayola logo to your chest and you are officially out of the box!

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The cloud with chance of rain

Dress in baby blue, paste lumps of cotton balls all over and carry a spray water bottle just in case you happen to be in area that needs rain.

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The coffee or soda drink

Dress in a tight dress that resembles your drink of choice and place its logo on your front. Roll cardboard into a cylinder to attach to a headband to wear on your head as its straw. Add materials if your drink needs it like a white feather scarf to resemble whipped cream.

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The bunny

Paint your nose, add whiskers and some bunny ears and you’re complete! 

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The Chipotle burrito

From thigh up wrap yourself in aluminum foil. Too spice it up wear a Mexican hat or green/lime green headband. It also doesn’t hurt to add fake lettuce and tomatoes made from felt material to stick out of the top, because sometimes our burritos do fall apart!

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The conjoined twins from American Horror Story

Are you and your best friend out of ideas this year? Then find a big, blue dress for the both of you to fit inside, make sure your hair and makeup are identical and get two different color headbands to distinguish who’s who. Tip: have creepy facial expressions when someone is talking to one of you.

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The bloody anything

Still have an old Halloween costume from last year? Just add fake blood to it and there you go. Anything will make sense; it is Halloween after all.

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The grape

Wear a long shirt and some leggings, blow up a bunch of green or purple balloons and safety pin them to yourself and voila you’re a grape! To create the leaf of the grape bunch: cut a piece of green felt to make a circle that will fit around your neck, then cut the edges to make them jagged like a leaf.

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The ghost

Cut two holes in a white sheet for your eyes and then put the sheet over your head. Plain simple.

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The mummy

Wrap your whole entire body in toilet paper. Add dirt or blood to give a spookier effect.

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The nerd

Hike up some shorts or trousers, tuck in your shirt, add some freckles to your face, wear high socks and fake eyeglasses with tape on bridge and you got yourself a nerd. Girls like to put their hair in pigtails, while the guys like to wear bowties. The more mix-matched and colorful, the better.

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The grumpy cat

Don’t be just any cat, be the grumpy one. With white face paint and brown eyeshadow, contour your face into a cat. Don’t forget your cat ears and your grumpy expression all night.

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The big baby

Some people go out and get real adult diapers while others just wear a big white sheet. Add a binky, a bib and a bottle as props to complete the look.

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The Instagram screen

You’ll be a hit at any party with one. Replicate the Instagram photo screen on a huge cardboard with a large square in the middle so you and whoever can take Instagram selfies to another level.

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The loofah

Get large bundles tulle and fold them up. Tie an elastic brand in the center of the tulle. Safety pin the tulle to a bodysuit or tie or pin the tulle to the elastic bands that measure around your waist and bust. Fluff the tulle and add a white rope around your neck to complete the look.

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The error code

In emergency situations of having no costume, just write “error 404: costume not found” on a white T-shirt and you can go around saying you’re an error message.

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This article was originally published on Oct. 29, 2014. 

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