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So, A 9-Foot Anaconda Was Spotted In Brevard County Florida

If news of the 18-foot Burmese python in the Everglades gave you goosebumps, just wait until you hear about the 9-foot green anaconda Florida officials euthanized this week. 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said a fisherman reported spotting a large snake near the St. Johns River in Brevard County in Central Florida. 

“[T]he officers were able to euthanize the nonnative constrictor before it could escape into the water,” MyFWC explained in a Facebook post on Wednesday.  

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Responding to questions on social media, the organization explained the snake was considered to be a hazard to the local ecology and a danger to humans.

Green anacondas, which are the largest snakes in the world by weight, can grow up to reach more than 29 feet and a whopping 550 pounds. Oh, and they can be more than 12 inches in diameter, National Geographic notes. (Can you even imagine?!) The creatures are mainly found in the Amazon and Orinoco basin in South America. 

Snakes have been slithering their way into the news over the past few months—particularly in Central Florida. After all, who could forget about the King Cobra in Orlando that caused quite the commotion on social media just a few months back? News of the venomous snake’s escape and, finally, its capture a month later—under a woman's dryer—made national headlines.

(Image via Facebook/MyFWC)