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‘The Bachelor’ Auditions Are Coming to Fort Lauderdale: Jen Saviano Explains How To Get On The Show

Are you an avid viewer of ABC’s "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette"? Have you always dreamed of experiencing your own rose ceremony?

Now may be your chance. “The Bachelor” auditions are coming to Fort Lauderdale on July 16 at the Riverside Hotel from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

We asked South Florida local and “The Bachelor” contestant Jen Saviano about her experiences on the show, and how you can nail the audition.

What are your top five tips for auditions?

  1. Don’t try too hard with your outfit. I wore skinny jeans, a form-fitting top and little wedge sandals. Leave the bodycon dress and stilettos at home—you aren’t stepping out of the limo just yet.
  2. Prepare yourself with questions that you know are coming. Get our your phone and record with a friend at home. In the interview you’ll be asked about your family, job, relationships, what you like to do for fun, why you want to go on “The Bachelor,” etc. They are basic conversational questions, but with the unfamiliar pressure of the lights and cameras, a little rehearsing beforehand will go a long way.
  3. Be yourself: the good, the bad and the ugly. This sounds so cheesy and cliché, but it’s important. Don’t edit yourself based on how you want them to perceive you. Be upfront with your flaws. Be completely transparent. Don’t typically do well with groups of women? Tell them. Are you a jealous person when it comes to dating? Tell them. Struggle with anxiety? Tell them. The auditioning process is so thorough and extensive that they’re going to pull everything out of you eventually. You’ll never fool them. Just cut to the chase and show them who you really are from the start. Flaws are often an added bonus in the reality world.
  4. Expect to hear this question: 'Do you have a bad date story you could tell us about?' It’s an opportunity for them to see how you recall and verbally share stories. Have a good (well, bad) dating story ready to go.
  5. Try to relax. The more nervous you are the harder it’ll be to show your true personality. A drink or two beforehand wouldn’t be the worst idea.

How did you land a spot on the show?

My situation was a little unique in that I never went to an open casting call. My friend submitted me through their online submission page, and they called me directly to ask if I was interested in auditioning further. From there, I was told to send in a 5 to 7 minute video to get a snippet into my life. If you're sending in a video, I'd suggest showing as many sides of you as possible: in your work environment, doing activities you love, talking about past relationships. Don't be afraid to goof around and show off your personality. I threw in bloopers throughout the video which I found out later that they really enjoyed. If I were to pinpoint what I did to land a spot on the show, it would be that I was extremely transparent with them from the beginning, and wasn't worried about saying the right thing.

If you could go back in time to the day of your audition, what would you tell yourself? 

'Girl, relax.' The process is pretty intimidating, but I'd remind myself that it's just a reality show, and there's no need to take it so seriously.

What made you want to be on the show?

Who isn't intrigued by this show? I have to say, being a very private, introverted person, the idea terrified me. However, I love to push myself out of my comfort zone, and I knew this kind of experience would do plenty of that.

How has being on 'The Bachelor' affected your love life?

Once you appear on a show like “The Bachelor” you’re exposed to a new world of opportunities and relationships. I have groups of friends now that I never would have met if it weren't for being on the show, and that has been the best part of the whole experience. However, I know what I'm looking for in a partner, and regardless of the exposure that I've had, what I want is still hard to find. Especially living in South Florida. I never got that final rose, but I'm still hopeful that I'll meet the real deal soon.

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To find out more information about the upcoming casting call for “The Bachelor,” visit abc.go.com/casting.

Photo courtesy of Jen Saviano