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Blake Lively Gives Shoutout to Boca Raton's Child Rescue Coalition

Local Boca Raton organization, the Child Rescue Coalition (CRC), is gaining national attention after actress Blake Lively shared an empowering, emotional speech about its proactive approach to stopping child predators.


She named the CRC as her charity of honor upon being named one of Variety’s honorees for its 2017 Power of Women campaign.



As a mother of two young girls, she felt a special connection to the cause.


“If you proactively find these predators, you can save so many children,” Lively said in her speech at Variety’s annual Power of Women luncheon.



Since CEO and Founder Carly Yoost began the nonprofit in 2013, CRC has provided law enforcement officers with free technology to track the IP addresses of anyone using the internet to download and distribute child pornography. To date, the CRC’s Child Protection System has tracked over 44 million unique offenders in possession of child pornography. This has led to more than 9,000 arrests and more than 2,080 children rescued.


“I’ve always been passionate about this. Who wouldn’t want to fight to protect children?” Yoost said. “To know how many dangerous people are out there doing this, they need to be stopped.”


Lively first met Yoost at the 2016 L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth event that celebrated 10 women impacting change in their communities. For her dedication to this cause, Yoost was named the 2016 L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth National Honoree. During the campaign, the CRC earned more than 370,000 social media votes – the most in the event’s 10-year history.

“It made me feel just amazing because sex abuse and child pornography can be difficult topics for people to talk about,” Yoost said. “To know that many people rallied behind it and wanted to fight against it was really heartwarming and amazing. I realized what I had started, and that so many other people felt passionate about it as well.”



Today, over 10,000 law enforcement officials from more than 77 countries have been trained to use the global system to find offenders in their areas. CRC provides the information needed to facilitate a subpoena and arrest, which can then be used as evidence in court.


Yoost is looking to expand the system’s reach and Lively has lent her support by coordinating a meeting for CRC at a Facebook technology summit, hoping to expand the system beyond the law enforcement industry.


By working with internet, technology and childcare companies, Yoost hopes to make the internet safer by using its data to protect more children, given that there are too many predators to solely arrest away the problem.


“To think of someone doing the horrific things that people are doing to children out there that we know about in these videos – it’s unimaginable how you would feel if that was your child,” Yoost said. “I don’t think any of us should live in a society where any of that is tolerated. It makes me want to fight for it.”


Photo provided by Child Rescue Coalition

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