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Boca Raton Is The Best Small City In South Florida, Study Finds

Boca Raton is a personal paradise for so many, and the time has finally come for Boca Raton to have its day in the sun (literally). 

Financial website Wallethub has named Boca Raton among the best small cities in America, and it earned itself the top spot in South Florida.

In a list of more than 1,200 small cities, Boca Raton snagged spot No. 116. Sure, we weren’t ranked in first place, but top 10 percent has got to mean something, right?

Cities' ranks were determined based on four factors: affordability, economic health, education and health, and quality of life. 

Some of the small U.S. cities were also recognized for ranking among the top five for various subcategories, such as housing costs, homeownership rate, population with health insurance, and more. 

Boca didn’t appear on any of these other lists, but the fact still remains we still live where everyone else vacations.

A total of 83 Florida cities appeared on the list. Only Pensacola (52), The Villages (56) in Sumter County, and Winter Park (75) outside of Orlando beat out Boca Raton. Nearby Delray Beach came in at No. 463.

A few other Florida cities on the list included:

296. Coral Gables

278. Palm Beach Gardens

390. Jupiter

445. Melbourne

514. Weston

538. Plantation

557. Fort Myers

Check out Wallethub's Interactive Map:


Source: WalletHub

(Image via Flickr/Lisa Jacobs)

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