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Boca Raton's Banana Patch up for Sale

A Boca Raton “Banana patch” is on the market for the first time since 1978. At an asking price of $6.2 million, the three parcels of land, that can be purchased separately or together, have been used as a wide-open garden for popular fruit.

The 1.77-acres has a history that allegedly involves ownership by Henry Flagler (cofounder of Standard Oil), George Morikami and the farming family of Hideo Kobayashi, according to the Palm Beach Post. A deed on file with the Palm Beach County clerk’s office shows the purchase from the H. Kobayashi Company in 1978.


The next buyer will be the fifth owner of the mostly undeveloped and slightly overgrown land. Located on the deepest and widest canal in Boca Raton, the land was used to raise 35 varieties of bananas and exotic plants in the 1980s. Current owners Mildred and Dick Olson called it the Banana Patch and continued to grow banana plants for Disney World, Busch Gardens, Cypress Gardens and more. They also built a house on the property.

This will be the second time in 100 years that the lot is being sold. It is also the last farm and the longest undeveloped waterfront property left in Boca Raton.

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