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Broward College Expert Offers Tips for Good Nutrition Choices

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics wants you to “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle” this month in honor of National Nutrition Month.


And Broward College is helping us get on board. “Not only should foods be nutritious, but they should taste good, “ says Melinda Luis, instructor of nutrition and dietetics at Broward College. “There are many ways to include good-tasting, healthy foods into your diet that may ultimately kick start a commitment to eating healthier.”

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Below are Luis’ three key tips to make good nutrition choices:


Prepare a colorful plate that includes fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables of varied colors provide a wide range of nutrients. If you’re not used to eating fruits and vegetables, try adding them to foods you already eat. For example, add berries or dried fruits to your cereal or yogurt to increase the fiber, vitamin and mineral content or try considering a fruit and vegetable smoothie as a snack or an occasional meal replacement.


Don’t be afraid to try new recipes

While it may sometimes be daunting to add a new recipe to your food repertoire, a recommendation from a trusted source can improve your likelihood of preparing and eating something new. Ask friends and family for recipes they’ve tried and enjoyed. Try recipes that have main ingredients you really like and a few ingredients you don’t normally eat. For example, find a pan-cooked chicken recipe that has an interesting nut or yogurt sauce rather than plain, high-calorie gravy.


Maintain a balance of your favorite foods when enhancing your diet

One of the most common mistakes people make when considering nutritious food choices is selecting healthy foods that they don’t necessarily enjoy. Continue eating you favorite foods by making a few changes to add nutrients and reduce fat and caloric intake. For example with mac and cheese, use a lower fat cheese in the recipe or purchase a lower fat product. You can also add chopped vegetables, nuts and seeds to boost fiber, potassium and protein.