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Broward County Regulates Uber and Lyft

Commissioners in Broward County recently approved to regulate ridesharing services Uber and Lyft in the same way taxis and limousines are regulated.


The unanimous decision came just weeks after Broward’s attorney sent cease-and-desist letters to the San Francisco-based companies.

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Uber launched in Broward and Palm Beach counties in August, with Lyft following in September. Since then, county officials have been fining Uber and Lyft drivers and impounding cars for operating without the proper for-hire vehicle permits.


"If you're going to run a business in Broward County, you play by the rules," Commissioner Chip LaMarca said in a statement.


During the meeting, about 20 people made comments with overwhelming support favoring the regulation of Uber and Lyft as long as they had the same rules and certificates as other transportation companies.


While the majority was in favor of regulating Uber and Lyft, many people at the Broward County Commission meeting expressed concerns regarding safety measures.


“Uber has safety measures in place,” Uber spokesperson, Taylor Bennett told the South Florida Business Journal. “Every Uber ride is insured up to $1 million under a commercial policy, and drivers also undergo a rigorous background check that goes back seven years.”