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Cash Only Bar In Fort Lauderdale Leaves VIP Exclusivity Behind For Vintage-Chic Vibes And Accessible Atmosphere

A vibrant but vintage music and nightlife venue is about to debut on West Las Olas, steps from the quiet Riverfront.

Opening ahead of New Year's weekend, Cash Only will celebrate its grand opening Thursday, Dec. 29, with a nightly lineup of parties that reflect the wide range of musical genres and atmospheres Fort Lauderdale will come to expect from the new bar.

The multi-story, multi-generational venue is calling itself "equal parts bar and lounge, with a twist of nightclub"—but unlike big South Florida nightclubs, there's no exclusive VIP lines, no expensive reserved tables, and no need to order bottle service.

The name "Cash Only" refers to an earlier time—before credit cards, before cell phones, before the digital era of hyperconnectivity.

"When everything was this way, we were so much more connected," partner Bobby Segurola said.

Segurola added that Cash Only (which, in fact, will accept credit cards) is trying to move away from the ultra-exclusive nightlife experience and offer an inclusive and accessible atmosphere.

For the older crowd, the old-school-meets-new-school venue may feel very nostalgic, while for millennials, Segurola hopes it'll be "a place of discovery."

The first floor of Cash Only evokes a vintage-chic concept designed by Bigtime Design Studios, from a colorful accent wall lined with 8-track tapes, to others clad in stone, brick, and wallpaper. The space is highlighted by an oversized central bar, semi-private booth seating that's open to all guests, and a stage for live acts or DJ entertainment. Top acts like rapper Biz Markie (Jan. 14) and indie-dance duo Afrobeta (Feb. 3) are already booked.

Upstairs, a mid-century-style lounge features a cocktail bar with a classic-meets-modern beverage program curated by Repour Handmade Cocktails' Brian Sassen. There's also a "beer and shots only" stand for those who want to grab a quick drink instead of fight for a spot at the main bar. With mustard-colored couches and a wall-mounted entertainment console, the '60s era space was designed to have a lived-in look that's like a cross between an LA motor lodge and a no-tell motel lobby bar. Eventually, a third room in the back will also be open for private events.

Each room will offer its own musical selection—from girl-friendly '80s and '90s hits on Thursday Ladies Nights to house music, old-school hip-hop, top 40, and live music—ideal for large groups of friends with mixed musical tastes.

"We have the ability to offer different experiences in the same place," Segurola said. "Everybody can come here, and everybody can have a good time."

Locals can also visit Cash Only's website for a live Instagram feed that will let them see what's happening at the bar that night.

The nightlife venue will be open Thursdays through Sundays from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. On New Year's Eve, the party will start early at 9 p.m.

Cash Only Bar; 15 W. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale

Booth seating and 8-track wall. Courtesy Cash Only
Entertainment console in the upstairs lounge. Photo by Lyssa Goldberg
Live mural painting at grand opening. Photo by Lyssa Goldberg
Close-up of mural. Photo by Lyssa Goldberg
Overhead light fixture on first floor above central bar. Photo by Lyssa Goldberg
Photo by Lyssa Goldberg

Note: This post has been updated to reflect that Bobby Segurola is a partner of Cash Only Bar.