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Meet The Coffee Hub, A Coffee-Making Tricycle Brewing Up Cappuccinos Around Fort Lauderdale

Don’t mind Edilson Cremonese and his coffee-making tricycle. He’ll just be brewing cappuccinos, macchiatos and cortaditos around South Florida by pedaling away at his mobile coffee station. 

His next big gig? The Brazilian Festival in Pompano Beach on Oct. 17.

After trying to decide whether to open a coffee shop, coffee truck or espresso cart, Cremonese, a physical therapist looking for a change of pace, decided to merge together his two passions: caffeine and cycling.

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The 35-year-old Sao Paulo native first learned about the pedal-powered brewing station, known as the Coffee Hub, in a cycling magazine. Intrigued by the idea, he wasted no time talking to its inventors in London and brought one back to his home in Fort Lauderdale earlier this year.

“[H]e took all of his savings and made this first investment to become the first pedal-powered coffee tricycle in the U.S.,” Coffee Hub rep Emmanuel Trenche said. 

The pedal-powered brewing station—only one of four in the world—can grind 19 grams of coffee in about five seconds. (In case you're wondering, that’s enough for a double espresso shot.) 

The pedaling, of course, is the most entertaining part about ordering from the tricycle, Trenche said.  

“It has become a huge hit not only in the cycling community, now at other events too,” he added. “[Cremonese’s] satisfaction is to see people smiling and happy.”

Amusement aside, the mobile unit is completely eco-friendly—a factor that was a big draw for chef Isa Souza, the VIP speaker at Saturday's Brazilian Festival.

Souza is an eco-gastronomy expert, meaning she’s a proponent of the food movement in which restaurants and people cook with an eco-friendly mindset and minimize waste. She heard about the Coffee Hub through a contact and invited Cremonese to the celebration, which this year is focused on promoting environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

“[It's a] perfect fit for something as innovative as Edi’s Coffee Hub,” Souza said. 

If you’re not able to attend the party, you can find the Coffee Hub at sporting, corporate and art events around town, as well as at the downtown Fort Lauderdale bar scene. Cremonese currently uses social media—including Facebook and Instagram—to update followers on his location, but he’s working on a website that will feature live-tracking. 

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