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Deerfield Beach’s Float8 Offers Sensory Deprivation Tank Treatments

Photo by Jason Koerner

Weightlessness, darkness and all senses dimmed—that’s what you can expect at Float8, a new wellness lounge in Deerfield Beach boasting four sensory deprivation tanks. 

Flotation therapy is a therapeutic technique that restricts sensory input to induce theta brain wave activity (the same activity that happens right before and after you fall asleep), which leads to a deepened meditative state. 

Basically, you enter a tank with over a thousand pounds of Epsom salt, close the door, turn off the light and then you just... float. 

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Benefits of floating include stress relief, pain relief, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, sleep improvement, athletic performance and more. 

Photo by Dylan Calm

Claustrophobic? No need to worry, you can still experience floating. Float8 is currently building an ‘open’ floating tank in its facility that offers more room than the standard tanks. 

Float8 also includes a meditation studio with a library and a relaxing lounge filled with artwork. On Mondays it will host workshops with local health and wellness practitioners.

The Float8 grand opening is on Aug. 21 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. A blessing, ribbon cutting, refreshments, raffle, live music and art unveiling will happen at the event. RSVP here and book your float here

616 SE 10th St., Deerfield Beach; 754.666.3588; float8ion.com 

Photos courtesy of Float8


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