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Fort Lauderdale-Based Yoga Joint To Open Boca Raton Studio Oct. 1

UPDATE: The Yoga Joint in Boca opened its doors Oct. 19. 

The yogi duo behind Fort Lauderdale's most forward-looking yoga trend is bringing hot fusion flow to Boca Raton.

The Yoga Joint, co-owned by Paige Held and Kelly Green, will open its first Boca location at 19575 State Road 7. The studio will open Oct. 1. 

"A lot of my kids have friends in Boca, and I know that it’s a very healthy area," Held said. "There are a lot of good families, hard-working families that want to keep taking care of themselves."

What makes The Yoga Joint especially unique is the way they've made it easier for parents and families to practice. The studio offers babysitting during class for an additional $5, and babysitters can earn free yoga classes. 

"It helps people who can't do yoga otherwise," Held, a 37-year-old mother of four, said.

The family-friendly studio, which has been around for five years, also offers kids yoga and prenatal yoga classes.

Held, who was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine last summer, said she's looking forward to introducing her signature hot fusion yoga program to Boca, a city that already offers plenty of traditional Ashtanga and Bikram studios—but none like hers.

The Yoga Joint offers optimized classes that are 60 and 75 minutes in length, in addition to the typical 90, in rooms heated to a temperature of 94 degrees Fahrenheit. (Bikram yoga is practiced in a room set to 105 F.)

The classes take students through a warm-up series, then shift into raising their heart rates, continue with balancing, and finally bring everyone back down.

"It's a very integrated process," Held said. "Our belief system is you should try to clear out the cobwebs instead of only focus on one area."

During their classes, instructors like to infuse some fun by using original playlists, from Jack Johnson songs to Top 40 hits. Still, the focus remains on the holistic well-being of mind and body.

"Our teachers are going to get you to think about things you wouldn't if you were just in a spin class or other workout class," Held said.

Boca Raton is only the first step. With two studios already in Fort Lauderdale, Held and her partner are looking to further expand hot fusion yoga, beginning with three new locations over the next six months and then considering additional openings from there.

Other areas in which they've looked into locations include Plantation, Sunny Isles and North Miami, but Held said her goal is to "bring it into the world."

"We have created a really modern, fresh, clean approach to yoga and to stress management," Held said. "In today’s world, we all need more of that."

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