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Fort Lauderdale May Be The Best Place For Men To Find A Smart Date, But It’s The Worst For Women

Men in Fort Lauderdale have a really good shot at finding a smart woman to date—better than any other city in the country, in fact.

All that means, though, is that college-educated women in Fort Lauderdale have the worst dating odds in America, according to data interpreted by writer Jon Birger, which he collected from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey.

Birger, an author and journalist, released a book last week about why it's hard for educated women in the United States to find dates with equally educated men. Called “Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game,” the book is basically a statistics manual for dating.

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Washington Post reporter Ana Swanson summarized Birger's findings as follows: "The main idea is that women have been attending college at much higher rates than men since the 1980s."

In an interview with The Washington Post, Birger discussed how the gap between college-educated men and women has become extremely disparateso much so, that right here in Fort Lauderdale, there are 171 college-educated women for every 100 college-educated men between the ages of 22 and 29.

While Fort Lauderdale earned the "coveted" top spot on the list, another Florida city wasn't far behind. Tampa Bay was ranked the No. 7 best dating city for college-educated men.

In contrast, Orlando was identified as the No. 9 city where the odds are (slightly) more in women's favor, though there's still a deficit (86 men per 100 women).

Only two U.S. cities had a surplus of college-educated men for every 100 women: tech hubs San Jose (112 men per 100 women) and San Francisco (104 men per 100 women).

It seems these facts and figures aren’t looking up for women in the long-term, though. The disparity between the number of college-educated men and women could reach 47 percent by 2023, according to Birger. He told The Washington Post that this change is due to biology.

“Girls mature socially and intellectually faster than boys,” he said. “When it comes to actual school work, girls fare much better. Girls are better organized; they’re more likely to be valedictorians. The girls are just better at college preparation.” 

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