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This Fort Lauderdale Blogger Is Starting A Supper Club To Celebrate Spending Saturday Nights In

Imagine spending a Saturday night around a dinner table, sharing a homemade meal with seven perfect strangers. You’ve never been to the building. Heck, you don’t even know the hosts. But you rest easy knowing you all share a love for good eats and conversation. 

Fort Lauderdale blogger Barbra Foster is opening her home to local foodies in search of swapping the just-get-through-your-meal vibe so common at crowded restaurants for a more intimate dinner experience. 

The 29-year-old behind “Saturday Nights In” and her husband, Tom, will be hosting their first supper club event on Dec. 17 at 7:30 p.m. Menu items include a seasonal squash tart, rosemary-rubbed beef tenderloin and caramel apple pie. 

Six spots around the dinner table are up for grabs. Tickets for the five-course meal are $40 per person, and guests are invited to BYOB (although, there will be a signature champagne drink). 

Inspired by secret supper clubs they participated in while living in New York City, Foster hopes to host at least one event per month and meet new people in the community. The goal is to provide locals with the opportunity to simply try something new. 

“You just walk away feeling, ‘Wow, that was cool,’” she said, recalling past dinner clubs she’s attended. “It’s more of just like a great night, a really unexpected night.” 

Since moving to South Florida in August, the Fosters have focused on familiarizing themselves with the local culinary scene. In addition to trying new places, they’ve recreated dishes from Fort Lauderdale hot spots, including the Clams Colada from 15th Street Fisheries and sweet potato gnocchi from Market 17. 

“Cooking has always been something we as a couple have bonded over,” she said. “Tom’s really into experimenting.” 

Foster scours restaurant menus for inspiration in the kitchen and constantly finds herself adding to her ever-growing roster of must-try eateries around town—a list that now includes Bubbles and Pearls, Valentino Cucina Italiana, and Sea Watch On The Ocean. 

About a month after settling into their new home on the New River, the couple decided it was time to take a shot at recreating one of their favorite Manhattan experiences, Foster said. 

“We really enjoyed meeting strangers when we did [supper clubs] in the past,” she said. 

While the Fosters admit they're not expert chefs, they're betting the homey ambience of their apartment will be hard to beat. 

"Yes, we're not technically professional cooks, but it's a hobby that we're constantly working toward mastering," Foster said. "What you're getting at a dinner at a restaurant is very different than what you'll get at our home. You're paying for a different kind of ambience that would be very hard to find at a restaurant. " 

After all, food is only part of the dining out experience. 

For more information and tickets, visit Saturday Nights In

(Image courtesy Saturday Nights In)

Inspired by Market 17's Sweet Potato Gnocchi (Courtesy Saturday Nights In) 
 Inspired by 15th Street Fisheries' Clams Colada (Courtesy Saturday Nights In)