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Fort Lauderdale Considers Alcohol Restrictions at Beach Place

The late-night beach bars at Fort Lauderdale’s Beach Place have received new scrutiny from city commissioners who say the establishment’s 4 a.m. closing times do more bad than good for the surrounding area.


Commissioner Bruce Roberts told the Sun Sentinel that he believes it's time for the city to rethink the hours of operation allowed at Beach Place due to the late-night rowdiness it encourages.


Due to a recent crack down on reported drug and criminal issues, the beach bars have been required to enforce stricter security measures to deal with its unlawful problems.


Roberts went on to explain, "The whole scenario is that the environment on the beach has changed so much for the better over the years, we don't want to lose that, we want to keep it going in the right direction."


City commissioners fear that Beach Place is more in line with Fort Lauderdale's Spring Break past rather than the upscale, family-oriented tourism image it’s now trying to promote.


Mayor Jack Seiler is also in compliance with city officials in regards to the problems surrounding Beach Place.


Seiler, who believes the area has outgrown the need for a 4 o'clock license, has recently asked staff to prepare a report considering scaling back the time when serving alcohol is permitted at beach bars.


While no official plans on changing the hours of operation have been made, the city has threatened to revoke Beach Place's entertainment district status if it continues to cause more problems.