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Fort Lauderdale Listed as Having a Top 10 Best Downtown

Fort Lauderdale has been credited with the number seven spot in a top 10 list of best downtown areas in the United States, according to a report by livability.com.


The report states, “Businesses are moving in, attracted by the increasing number of young professionals who've settled into downtown apartments and condos. The ratio of jobs to residents in the downtown area is nearly equal, a sign that people want to live where they work. Along with new faces and new entertainment options, Fort Lauderdale residents have seen their incomes grow.”


With Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful skyline, abundance of lavish shops and restaurants and vibrant nightlife, it comes as no surprise to us that our city made the list as one of the best downtown areas in America.


While it’s not simply the nightlife that makes downtown Fort Lauderdale an exciting and culturally stimulating place to be, the number of new businesses and offices, along with residents wanting to live where they work demonstrates the resident’s passion for this city.  


The report says that Fort Lauderdale has grown from being a suburban beach town to becoming a chic and up-and-coming metropolitan city.


Other cities on the list include: Birmingham, Alabama; Eugene, Oregon; Bellingham, Washington; Frederick, Maryland; Alexandria, Virginia; Provo, Utah; Indianapolis, Indiana; Providence, Rhode Island; and Fort Worth, Texas.