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Fort Lauderdale Is One Of The Best Cities For Singles Looking To Date, Study Says

No one wants to be single during the holidays, but if you're going to be single anywhere, it seems Fort Lauderdale isn't a bad place to be. 

Financial website Wallethub just released its list of 2015's Best & Worst Cities for Singles, and Fort Lauderdale made the top 20.

As part of its methodology, Wallethub considered the 150 most populated U.S. cities on 25 factors, including the percentage of singles in a city, gender balance, the number of online dating opportunities, restaurants and cafes per capita, and costs of movies and restaurant meals.

So what makes Fort Lauderdale, specifically, such a great city for singles? Plenty of nightlife options and restaurants per capita, as well as a high percentage of other single people, for starters. For these reasons and more, Wallethub experts consider Fort Lauderdale—which earned the No. 17 spot—a top city where singles would have a high chance of finding a significant other.

Nonetheless, Fort Lauderdale may not be the best place for single college-educated women. A study produced earlier this year showed that men in Fort Lauderdale have the best dating odds in America when it comes to finding a smart woman, but all the smart, single ladies are out of luck.

See the list below for the best and worst cities for singles in America:

Best Cities for Singles         

1.    Salt Lake City, Utah         

2.    Orlando, Florida

3.    Tempe, Arizona    

4.    Atlanta, Georgia    

5.    Scottsdale, Arizona    

6.    Austin, Texas

7.    Tampa, Florida

8.    Reno, Nevada    

9.    Cincinnati, Ohio

10.    San Francisco, California


Worst Cities for Singles

141.    Aurora, Illinois

142.    Jersey City, New Jersey

143.    Oxnard, California

144.    Chula Vista, California

145.    Columbus, Georgia

146.    Detroit, Michigan

147.    Glendale, California

148.    North Las Vegas, Nevada

149.    Hialeah, Florida

150.    Yonkers, New York