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Fort Lauderdale Removes Red Light Traffic Cameras

The City of Fort Lauderdale has suspended its red-light camera program shortly after a Broward County judge ruled that the program violates the state statute.


Michael Lynch, an attorney with The Ticket Clinic said, "The case went up to the Fourth District Court of Appeals, and they determined that the cities were unlawfully delegating their authority to a private company."

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This is just the latest in a number of problems regarding the controversial cameras.


Lynch said one of the biggest issues the court had with these automatic ticketing cameras was the fact that there isn't a person writing or reviewing a ticket, but a private company doing the job. "What we've seen is that the courts have been deciding that all these programs are basically run the same way," he told wsvn.com, "so pretty much the tickets are being dismissed, as they should."


Lynch also encourages anyone who has ever received a ticket from one of these cameras to fight it. "I would say, you fight every red-light ticket that you've received because the appellate court has decided that they shouldn't have been issued."


A city commission meeting is slated for March 17 and the future of the red-light camera program will be discussed.