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Fort Lauderdale Singer Brooke Simpson Impresses Judges On "The Voice," Gives Us The Scoop On The Show


When Brooke Simpson sings, she gives it her all. “My automatic go-to is to give 1,000 percent of my voice,” says the Fort Lauderdale-based singer. 

Simpson is currently competing on NBC’s “The Voice,” a singing competition featuring celebrity performers who choose a group of singers from blind auditions, and then coach them to compete for the ultimate prize of a record contract. 

During the blind auditions, decisions from the musician coaches are based solely on a singer’s voice, not on appearances. The coaches hear the performer blindly—with the help of rotating chairs—and if a coach is impressed by the artist’s voice, he/she will press a button to select that artist and the chair rotates to face the artist. All of the judges have the ability to turn around. If none turn around, the performer is eliminated, and if more than one judge turns around, the performer gets to select the coach he/she wants.

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In Simpson’s case, all four judges (Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine) turned around during her blind audition. It was the first four-chair turn of the current season. Simpson decided to be on Team Miley, and has been receiving coaching from her in preparations for the upcoming rounds on the show. 

It’s no surprise why all four judges were impressed—Simpson’s voice commands that you pay attention. Watch the clip below and see if you get as many chills as the nation did after listening to the performance. 

Video via YouTube

I talked with Simpson to discuss “The Voice,” what her goals are as a performer, her Native American heritage and more. Read the highlights below. 

What made you want to audition for “The Voice?” 

I actually auditioned for “The Voice” four years ago and things didn’t work, but music consistently remained my passion. Last year was a really rough year for my family and it felt like every door musically was just shutting in my face; everything I tried to force open. It got to the point where I said, “Maybe I need to come up with a plan B.” My husband was the biggest supporter ever and he really pushed me and told me I needed to try one more time. I did and I’m really happy that I didn’t come up with a plan B because it worked in my favor.

Why did you choose Miley’s team? 

Everyone, especially my family, expected me to go with Team Jennifer. It seems like what made the most sense, but I’ve always admired Miley. She can give any advice possible when it comes to music because that girl has been in every lane. She’s done psychedelic rock. She’s done pop. She’s done country. She’s done it all. In that moment I told myself to go with what feels right and when she put my hand on her heart and I felt how fast it was beating, I was like, "You can’t make that up." It kind of sealed the deal for me.

What has been Miley’s biggest advice? What is her coaching style like? 

She’s really wise. A lot of times when you think of coaches pushing artists you think of them making their voices bigger or stronger. I feel like she’s actually teaching me how to let the lyrics speak for themselves; let the songs speak for themselves. Miley’s teaching me how to not just let my voice show, but to let my heart and my personality show through the music. It’s actually been really challenging; my go-to is to yell and to go as loud as possible on the mic. 

How did you feel during your audition? 

When I went on that stage for the blind audition, I’m going to be honest: I don’t even remember what happened. I just remember walking up there, taking a deep breath and then starting to sing. After the moment when I saw Blake and Miley turn first, the rest is a blur. I don’t remember a thing. I felt like I could pick up a bus in that moment. It was an adrenaline rush. It was definitely a moment that I’ll hold dear for the rest of my life.

Who did you grow up listening to? 

Spice Girls influenced me, big time. Also, Cher influenced me a lot, but Christina Aguilera was probably the biggest one when I was young. I remember I would sit in my room with my CD player and I would listen to her do her “wooing,” you know. I would listen to it, I would rewind it and I would try to do it. I would keep doing it until my voice was forced. Go to bed, wake up, do the same thing. 

What are your other passions? 

I haven’t done it as much lately because I’ve been so busy with NBC, but I really love to make dream catchers. Not even trying to be stereotypical, but I do love to make dream catchers. I love to write songs. It’s easier for me to write songs when I’m going through tough times. Instead of wearing my heart on my sleeve I just write it on paper. Lately, I haven’t been writing too much because I’m pretty happy, but writing music is everything. 

How has living in Fort Lauderdale influenced you artistically? 

Fort Lauderdale has impacted me a bunch. Whether it’s my church or open mic night, and also areas around Fort Lauderdale like West Palm and Miami. My husband and I have been to open mic nights all around the area. With my church there are so many incredible singers on our worship team. I’ve been influenced big time with this area. I’m so proud to be a Floridian. I’m so proud to show my tribal heritage but I was like, “Oh man I wish they’d let the world know that I am a proud Floridian on TV,” because I am.

What is your favorite place in Fort Lauderdale? 

Honestly, it might be Warsaw Coffee. Warsaw is everything. I love it so much. Have you ever been to Roasting Buddies? I think it’s in Pembroke Pines, but Roasting Buddies is the crème de la crème when it comes to coffee, I’m telling you.

Tune into “The Voice” on NBC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. to watch Simpson compete through the upcoming rounds. 

For more information about the TV show, visit nbc.com/the-voice

Photos courtesy of NBC 

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